Privacy-Certified AI

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PIPDEA Compliant


Protect Your Corporate Brand
& Eliminate Human Error

Protect your customers and staff

Protect your customers and staff

The health and safety of your customers and staff are critical during these uncertain times. By displaying live customer counts and occupancy limits, customers will be confident that your business is taking their safety seriously and your staff will feel empowered to perform their duties in a safe and supportive workplace.

Real-time entrance display

Real-time entrance display

Place a screen at the entrance to your store to display the live occupancy counts based on the number of customers your store can safely accommodate. This advice to customers is updated in real-time as customers enter and exit your store.

Store occupancy analytics & alerts

Store occupancy analytics & alerts

Using any web browser, you can provide your staff or customers with real-time direction on store traffic as it relates to occupancy limits and social distancing so they can welcome customers with confidence.

Centralized Analytics Dashboard

Centralized Analytics

Utilizes Existing Security Cameras

Utilizes Existing
Security Cameras

Highly Accurate 99.9%

Highly Accurate

Lower costs

  • use existing cameras
  • save on labour and staff scheduling

Increase sales

  • maximize customers with safe thresholds
  • reassure customers to return


  • compliant now
  • ready for the "new normal"
  • prepared for peaks like Black Friday

Peace of Mind

Stress-free Staff

Consumer Confidence

  • Positive ROI: Significant cost savings can be realised by deploying an automated live occupancy management system
  • Labour deployment efficiency and savings: It is no longer necessary to employ staff to deal with a situation where they have little to no training and are in close contact with the general public
  • It is a simple, innovative solution to bring order to the queue outside the store
  • A rapid deployment of a standalone system will control the situation and release key staff
  • Reassures both employees and the general public that it is safe to shop in your store
  • Mitigate risk during peak shopping experience (i.e. Black Friday)
  • Comply with the "new norm" for social distancing and shopping experience: this is critical for the current Covid-19 pandemic and for the new retail norm post pandemic
  • It is a future proof solution that will continue to benefit retailers for years to come

Automated AI Customer Counting for Retail Locations

  • accurate, real-time, occupancy counting at facility entrances
  • consumer privacy-certified to latest government standards
  • receive unlimited email alerts via user-friendly, dashboard, on any device
  • be in control of entrances from any place, at any time
  • adapt immediately to changes in health regulations

Cost Effective

  • can use existing cameras
  • installs easily and scales to multiple locations
  • increases operational efficiency
  • grows sales
  • lowers costs
  • provides peace of mind

Customer benefits

  • engages customer in the process with signalized entrances
  • maximizes customer flow safely within the thresholds
  • lowers possibility of store congestion
  • decreases contact with human counters
  • improves overall customer experience
  • builds consumer confidence for return visits

Staff benefits

  • eliminates manual counting and human error
  • eliminates scheduling staff for manual counting
  • reduces staff positions close to or out-of-doors, subjected to weather
  • reduces staff positions close to customers
  • frees up staff for more meaningful tasks

Privacy & Security

  • Privacy leading compliance (just show CNIL shield/Canadian Shield under store visual w/display)
  • No personal data collected
  • Irreversible encryption, tracking free, firewall
  • Meta-data only, never video stream storage