v2.0 Updated January 1, 2019

OPTiFi developed its patented technology with Consumers in mind, resulting in an end-to-end process that securely safeguards the privacy of individuals to the government level of "secret." This exceeds the guidelines of Privacy by Design, protocols established for information and communication technologies by a team of experts, including Ontario's Privacy Commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, and subsequently adopted by the International Assembly of Privacy Commissioners and Data Protection Authorities.

Anonymous and Passive

OPTiFi measures the presence of customers in physical spaces via mobile devices such as smartphones, but DOES NOT store raw MAC (Media Access Control) addresses or other identifiers from mobile phones or devices—those unique identifiers assigned to hardware devices by manufacturers. OPTiFi de-personalizes customer presence utilizing a one-way security encryption process which cannot be reverse-engineered.

OPTiFi's does not extract private personal information or real-world identity, such as name or phone number.

All data is transmitted to a secure, cloud-based Hosting Service where it is de-personalized, aggregated and analyzed. Client reports are generated relative to anonymous customer activity in order to enhance Consumer experience and improve Client operations at their sites. In addition to OPTiFi's safeguards, the company contractually prohibits recipients of the reports from attempting to use anonymized data to identify any particular individual.

Use of Data

OPTiFi provides Clients with aggregated data specific to their locations and anonymous customer presence. OPTiFi does not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose device-specific information to third parties and does not collect, posses or store any personal or real-world identity of individuals to provide to any third parties.

Public Notification

OPTiFi provides Clients with information for posting public notification of anonymous data collection at their sites which includes OPTiFi's web address for Consumer knowledge and opt-out.

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